Questions on AK Plan

Hi! After reading several post/comments about FoP, I’m a little concerned on getting an early FP. I’m needing a little help. Does my plan seem realistic or does it need an adjustment?

Plans: (See Below)

  • AK on EMH first of October on day 3 (leaving on day 4)

  • Rope Drop - go straight to Na’vi then FoP

  • AKL Mid-day Break


  • Are the buses running earlier for AK to be there at 6:30? If the buses aren’t running early, what is the best way without having transportation? Rent a car for a day on Disney grounds to avoid the parking fee at the resort or calling a taxi or UBER? Do you know what the price would be for AKL to AK?

TIA :slightly_smiling_face:

Google Uber fare finder and you can get a rough estimate.
I have never been at a Disney hotel that didn’t have a Mears taxi already on standby.
I believe Disney buses run at 6:30 or 6:45 am for pre park open breakfast reservations.

I haven’t been to AK since Pandora opened. I’m sure someone else will chime in. I will say, people change their plans all the time. So if you don’t get the FPP on day 60, try again at day 45, 30, 5 and randomly in between. Something could become available. Good luck!

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As for your plan, you should be all good.
You’ll have plenty of time to hang around Pandora and/or ride Na’vi River a second time.

However, you cannot “overlap” your FP+ return time.
So, if you score a FOP FP+ for 9:00-10:00, you cannot have a KS FP+ for 9:30-10:30.

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I’d uber in the morning

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If you can’t get an early FP for FOP, I would rope drop FOP. We did that twice last June and it worked well. We used the buses and got in line for the AK bus an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than park opening. One day we got on the first bus and we were at AK at 7:10 and about 10 deep in line. The turnstiles opened at 7:40 and we were held outside Pandora til about 7:45 and off FOP by 8:15. The nice thing about this method is that it allows you to see the queue, the Lab is pretty cool.

The 2nd time we didn’t get the first bus and didn’t get to AK til closer til 7:30 and were deeper in line. But still got off FOP by before 9

We are going again in August, I hope to get FPs for FOP, but if not we will use this strategy again. Also with the new Toy Story rides opening late June, I’m thinking some of the madness at AK will dissipate a notch or two as everyone flocks to those new rides.

Hope I can score that time or I’ll go late after RoL. I didn’t even see my overlap. I’ll fix that! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think I’ll Uber. It’ll be worth it. Have you tried Lyft?

Super! That’s a great idea. I read the queue is a must see & I completely forgot about Toy Story opening when I was making the plan. We are passing on HS this trip. We’re wanting to focus on Pandora since we couldn’t see it last time and wanting to try MNSSHP. It’s a short trip.

If I were to take Uber at 6/6:30am, I should be in a real good spot to ride without FP, then ride Na’vi. I’m still going to try FP & be early for quick entry. Is the Na’vi line long after getting off FoP early? Since Pandora is busy, does it make it easier for Kilimanjaro?

I prefer Lyft, and use it exclusively. I recommend it.

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