Questions on 2-park / 2-day plan

Does the plan change at all when IOA is the only park with early entry ?

The order on the plan is USF then IOA on day one. Wondering if we are supposed to wait for normal park entry at USF or if we should modify and go to IOA for the early entry hour to take advantage of the hour.

If we do that , do we risk not beating the crowds to Gringott’s?

I know that the TP folds were monitoring the effect that the early entry change had and were going to update their plans if necessary - Perhaps @Skubersky can jump in with an update.

Any thoughts or updates based on only IOA being opened early? 7 days and counting until we get there…

Thought I should ask before I go and try to evaluate the premium 2 park 2 day plans again.

Cant see it changing until Easter is my personal opinion but they can change it at any time without notice. If onsite ask at check in.

Sorry, I wasn’the clear on what I meant. How should we perform the 2 park 2 day plan with only IOA being opened early? I was wondering if there was an update on how to tour. Thanks

OK had a look and seems TP haven’t updated the plans, probably due to lack of data. Assuming you are onsite with EE@8 and EXP Pass I would do the following. Enter IOA for EE ( be at turnstiles by 7.30)ride Forbidden Journey only then get on first Hogworts Express @8.30 That takes you to kings cross Enter DA and queue / ride Gringotts straight away ( you should get there just before guests walking in. Then tour rest of USF/ DA and back to IOA mid afternoon . This basically adds an extra step at the beginning of your day prior to getting to Grigotts. Remember to change parks arrival times so you get correct wait times. If you have exp pass you will be fine the only queues you will have are in WWOHP and Minions. Relax and enjoy its soo much easier than WDW and with 2 full days you will be tired but see and do loads. Take time to look at the shop windows and theming. We once spent 3 hours in Hogsmead and did no rides just wandered drank butter beer and ate ice cream. We decided to miss a few of the shows elsewhere in the park to relax a bit but we had 3 days and DA wasn’t open last trip. I used Tp as a guide/list more than anything and certainly didn’t follow it like I would in MK. Have Fun Mx

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We have updated all the plans, as well as our Early Park Admission and Rope Drop info pages.

Basically, if you can be at IOA when EPA starts, you can ride FJ & Hippogriff, then take the train and get in line for Gringotts before USF opens.

The other option is to skip EPA at IOA and just enter USF. They unofficially have 30 min of early entry every morning that is available to everyone (not just hotel guests). DM & Transformers are open, and you can get to Diagon at the same time or even earlier than the first train from IOA.

If you only want to do Potter, do option 1. If you want to see DM & Transformers, do the 2nd. If you are visiting for 2 days, try both.

Thx SkuberSky - that covers really well what to do if only IOA has EE.

What’s your advice if both Parks have EE on the same day(s)? (which I’m assuming will be the case over the Easter weekend…)

I can’t seem to find a TP that uses a 7am EE to USF and want to work out if it’s best to head to Diagon first or take in DM on the way there…

Can you help ?

Here’s the link to part 1 of our 2 day plan with USF Early park admission:

I’d do Gringotts and then get to DM before early entry ends.


Thanks for the tip.

Okay, this is the first I have heard of this. So Universal is actually opening 30 minutes early (DM and Transformers only? But not DA or EFG?)? For an 8am open (7am EPA at IOA), we could get in to Uni Studios at 7:30 and ride DM before heading to DA, but still be in the front of the pack for EFG? We have been several times, but not since DA/EFG opened so it is the priority.

Yes, they have been doing this at USF since EPA became IOA-only. Read this:
And this:

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Thank you Seth!