Questions for Aug 2014 visitors

Hi, everyone. We’re planning a trip for a group of 8 (5 adults and 3 kids, 4 to 8) Aug 14-21, 2015. I’m looking for some first hand advice from folks there about the same time in 2014, especially on things that aren’t covered by TP data.

  1. Do you think we could go to TSMM at RD without FP+, run to Jedi Training sign ups, and still make it into a show before 2pm? Or is it only evening show available if you don’t go immediately? When we went in Oct, there were still lots of shows available as late as 10am on a EMH morning. But I know crowds are worse in Aug.

  2. Wait times for Tiana around 9:30 or 10 in the morning? (Second or third attraction of the day)

  3. Wait times for Merida around 9:30 or 10 in the morning? (Second or third attraction of the day)

  4. This one has TP data but I wanted some personal opinions too. RD at Epcot, would you do Soarin or TT and what kind of waits would you expect?

  5. What are my chances of managing a BoG lunch reservation for 8? Or how long would I expect to wait in the standby line for an early lunch?

I think that is it for now. I figured it was best to catch you guys while your memories were fresh. TIA!

Hi, Anduin- We were there aug 10-16. I can try to answer a couple of your questions. The other questions were regarding rides/shows we didn’t go to.

  1. We chose to go fpp for tsmm b/c of lines reports re very long lines at RD. We didn’t want to race there b/c double stoller, crowd crush. Sure enough, Got to tsmm around 9:10 from RD, line already 60 mins go figure. We were able to walk right on.

Thing is, if fam burns up wait time on first ride, segways into longer waits rest of morning. Our next fpp was for ToT @10am, which worked fine, since were able to stop for meet with Buzz and Woody, then roll/coffee break.

  1. Similar situation with soarin/TT. Lines info for summer was beware RD lines @ soarin. So fpp soarin, rd’d TT. This worked out less than perfectly since TT broke down while inside line in building. Wish they would just give us all day fpp then, maybe did for fpp line. I know that’s what happened with fpp line at 7ds.

But ride started up ok about 15 mins later.

Touring in the summer is different than smaller crowd seasons, so it’s a good call for you and for us to pay attention to that. By using PTP, we had no lines at all, can you imagine. Except for the breakdown of ride at TT, also breakdown at Norway ride, but even those lines were about 15 mins each.

Hi, just got back so can offer a few ideas. We visited from 16 to 31 Aug, and the crowds got a little smaller every day. So the end of your week could have much shorter lines than at the start, it may be worth planning the very popular stuff that you can’t FPP for the end of your trip.

  1. Jedi Training sign up was VERY busy most days straight after rope drop. If you did TSMM standby first, you would be lucky to get to Jedi signup by 10am. At that point an early show is possible but not guaranteed at all.

  2. Merida wait times at 9.30/10 were around 15-20 minutes.

  3. We did FPP for TT (so it doesn’t matter if it breaks down :)) and Soarin’ at RD, on 3 separate days. We were in the turnstile lines before opening and are medium speed walkers including DD6 - our standby waits were 15 mins, 10 mins and walk-on respectively.

Hope this helps

Great info. Thank you very much!