Questions about Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party

My husband and I are considering doing the Wishes Dessert Party this visit but I am hearing different things about it. I had been told that this was an assigned seating event based on when you booked the party (like Hoop de doo). But I am now hearing that the seating is now first come first served. Can anyone help me figure out how this event is currently being run? Thanks!!!

There was a review on chat by @glamourgirl on this very balanced. No assigned seating but no bad seats.

My family of 6 did this in February. It was first come, first serve and we were one of the first families in. However, we got a second row seat because the front row seats were are all tables of 2-4. We were under the roof and had to move when fireworks started in order to see them. The desserts were just ok. Typical disney buffet desserts. The experience was worth experiencing once, but for the $ we paid, I was expecting something more. The view of the castle was wonderful but the fireworks are off center from the location. While it was a nice experience, it wasn’t really all that special and I would probably not do this again.