Questions about site

Two questions: How do I change my user name? I want to have a cute name instead of my real name!
Also, I purchased both the Disneyland and Disney World books, so I should have received a discount on this site. I never saw anywhere that allowed me to request the discount. I’m sure I did something wrong!
Thank you.

If you click on the little ‘S’ icon in the top right and then click on the ‘gear’ icon you will be taken to a settings page where you can change how your name is displayed. Don’t know if your actual User Name can be changed, but you can e-mail about this and the discount issue.

I don’t think that you can change the username you have – at least the one that will display on the forums here. I’ve looked into this myself in the past since I chose a boring username and had hoped to change it. There was another thread that essentially indicated that it wasn’t possible.

On the page where you subscribe to TPs, just underneath the “subscribe” button there is a link that reads “Own a current Unofficial Guide?” When you click on this, it opens up another portion on the page that allows you to enter some information that would help to confirm that you have the book. Then the discount should be applied to the price.

If you have already subscribed, I would suggest as @brklinck did to e-mail to see if they perhaps can refund the difference or work out another solution.

I was actually able to change my user name!
I will look for the link next time I subscribe and get the discount then. Thank you!

Well, crap - I guess it didn’t work. Oh well!

Sometimes you need to log out and log back in.

OK - I tried that - I’ll keep trying.

From what I remember from the other post, you can change the username you use to log into the site, but you can’t change the username that is displayed when you post a question or comment; it will remain the same username that you set up initially.

I️ am going to try to add you to add you to a PM where I️ screened shot directions last year.

I️ hate my iPhone that will not let me write I sometimes!!!

Look how beautiful that is!

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Were you using a capital I? I thought the bug only did that with lowercase.

Nope it is capital . Sometimes I️ can touch it and get the letter to stick but sometimes I cannot. Also, on other text boxes it is a black box. This is my iPhone 6. Funny a friend was texting me from her new 8. On my iPad 2 running iOS 9 you can see the funky text in the notification but iMessage was posting her text right.

I just found an update! Wish me luck!

Could you please send the screenshots to me as well? I have looked up and down in the profile settings, and I cannot figure out how to make the change.

It just takes time, I think 24 hours. Your new name is showing up now!

No you can change your username. People do it all the time.

Did you get it? I will add you to the thread if you still need it?

I think you have a new name @RopeDropper!

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Yes. It worked!

I remember a thread awhile back where someone had said it couldn’t be changed, so I never bothered trying.

Today I was trying to do it on the forum profile page rather than the main TP page, which is why it wasn’t able to figure it out.

Thank you for your help.


New name and picture! How will anyone recognize you!

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