Questions about POFQ

Family has 3 rooms booked at POFQ in Dec. Pictures of rooms show the dressing/lavatory area of the bath separate from the tub/toilet, but I read in a review (not in TP) that they are not separated. Do some rooms have separation and some not & if so how do I request what we want? This is a big deal! And where in each building is the elevator located? Thanks, everyone, this site is awesome!

Here’s the TP hotels page for POFQ. It does say that they are separate areas. We were there in Dec. '15 and that’s how I remember it.

Also, there is also a resort map that shows each building, and where the elevator is located. If you click on the building, the elevator is marked.[accessibility]=any&filters[balcony]=any&filters[floors]=any&filters[lobby_distance]=any&filters[rack_rate]=any&filters[rate_date]=07%2F27%2F2018&filters[sound]=&filters[transportation_distance]=any&filters[ug]=&filters[view]=any

I hope the links work.

We loved POFQ.

I googled POFQ room tours and this is what I got:

They are separate in all rooms as far as I know, unless they’re not in accessible rooms.

We are at French Quarter right now! Those areas are separated, at least in our rooms. We have connecting rooms.

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Thank you, everyone! This is reassuring.