Questions about parking

We are planning to stay at Pop and I am considering getting a rental car this trip. Mostly because we will be leaving WDW to have a few days at UOR and because with our MVT tickets we got a water park day for free. If the weather is decent we may go to TL for a few hours in the afternoon for a break (traveling in Dec so weather may not cooperate). So that leads to new things for me to think about…

1). Our first night is MVMCP. I’m unsure about parking at the TTC. I’m thinking the party will end and then we will wait a long time for monorail back. We may be at DS before the party and could park there and then shuttle over to MK for party. Parking at Contemporary to then walk over would be great but we don’t have an ADR there so I don’t think we can park there. Any thoughts?

2). Another day we will start at HS and end at Epcot. It makes most sense for us to book early bon voyage breakfast and park there going between parks through IG. I’m not sure if we rally want to be at breakfast so early though. So if no bon voyage then I guess park at HS and travel back to HS after end of day at Epcot? Or if we leave for break in between parks then we will just park at Epcot when we go back.

3). And no parking fees anywhere because we will be paying $13 per day at Pop?


1: I don’t believe there are busses from DS to parks so that won’t be an option. Maybe be better to just bus from pop to MK for that?

2: if you don’t get the bon voyage res then I would park at the park you plan on being at in the evening. Better to be able to go right to your car at the end of the day.

3: if staying on property you can park at parks for free

Ohhh thanks for the reminder!! I forgot I was originally thinking before rental car to shuttle to Contemporary from DS and then walk to party. But now with the car we would then need to shuttle back to DS after party to pick up car. Any idea on how crazy TTC gets if we were to drive over?

And thanks for the other tip of parking at park planning to end in. Makes a lot of sense! But I was wondering if walking back through Boardwalk at night might be really cool. We may be too tired to enjoy it though.

I have never done a party so I’m not sure how that is at the end of it. I know on a reg night after fireworks getting the monorail can be a nightmare! Sorry not much help from me there.

Not directly you couldn’t. No buses from DS to Parks.

Yes. Do that. It’s not far to walk and way less expensive than a breakfast you don’t even want.

No parking fees except the ridiculous one you’ll pay to park at Pop.

I would like the breakfast but am trying to be more realistic in my planning. I keep trying to think of your general advice really! My over planning may lead to a revolt so I’m trying to keep it more relaxed. And although I think the breakfast sounds charming half of my family would rather spend the time sleeping. And I don’t think the breakfast is worth us not all driving over together.

If you go through security at TTC do you go through again at MK? Or is there no security at TTC?

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Security is at TTC.

The security at MK is for bus passengers and also those walking from the Contemporary who have their own security point on the walkway.

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Once you clear security at TTC you’re in like Flynn at MK (you don’t need to clear again)

Epcot is different and you have to clear again

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