Questions about one night on-site stay

Coming to WDW in October for a two week off-site stay with 7 adults and 3 kids (Oct. 6th to 20th). After reading about the amazing deals with DVC rentals, I took a chance and contacted a company and they found a one night stay at AKL Jambo for DH and I.

It is mid-stay (the 14th) so we will be leaving the rest of the family at the off-site house and taking a night, just the two of us. I cannot wait to stay at the AKL. It is likely a once-in-a-lifetime stay for us but now I have so many questions.

We have our tickets already (7 days) and I manage everyone in MDE. With our one night stay, DH and I get Magic Bands, but they won’t be mailed out to us before arrival (we are in Canada) so can we pick them up when we first arrive (on the 6th) or just our check in day? If we can pick them up on the 6th will they work for us as long as I link them in MDE, or will they not work until our check in day?

And how will FPP work? Will I be able to make any at the 60 day mark? Will it be just for DH and I? And will it be for just one day?

If DH and I decide to take advantage of the EMH will we be able to do it for two days? For example evening hours on our check in day and morning hours on our check out day?

Sorry for all the questions, but I know this the place to go for answers.

Your MBs will work starting with your check in day. Yes you’ll be able to book FPPs for just the two of you at 60 days…(unless you list other family members on your hotel stay.) You should be able to book 2 days of FPPs (arrival and next day.) yes you’ll be able to use EMH the two days.