Questions about Oga's Cantina

I was wondering if anyone who has experienced Oga’s Cantina in SWGE in Disneyworld might be able to shed some light on these questions.

  1. How long did it take for you to enter with your reservation?
  2. What happens if you arrive late - how much time do they give before they just cancel your reservation?
  3. We are a family with kids aged 15, 12 and 9. We won’t be there so much for the alcohol but rather to experience the sights within the cantina and maybe buy some non-alcoholic drinks. Can anyone tell me if their kids enjoyed the experience?
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  1. On 8/30 about 5 to 10 minutes. Arrived at 4:45pm for a 5:00pm reservation
  2. No idea but you pay $10 a person for not showing up to reservation
  3. My boys are 11 and 14 and they enjoyed the experience and enjoyed non alcoholic drinks

I went last night and there were plenty of kids in there. They will love the DJ and there are several non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. The Hyperdrive looked really good :slight_smile:.

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How long did you spend there? I’m thinking it can’t take more than 20-25 minutes to enjoy one drink? My TP is so crammed, but I alotted 45 minutes for Oga’s.

A balf hour sounds about right.

There is currently a 45 minute and 2 drink per person limit. It took us 10 minutes waiting for service and drinks were there in 5 minutes. I agree with @brerbeer, around 30 minutes once inside.

Thanks everyone. I know you can arrive 15 minutes early. But does anyone have any idea how long they allow for people arriving late to a reservation?

I don’t know for sure but I think most reservations and FPP have a 10/15 min grace period. You might have to call or ask someone at guest services when you are there.

Can’t answer ques. 1 and 2 because we were there on Day 2 and basically walked in around 7 ish with no reservation but have a 12 and 8 year old who enjoyed it…they have some fun themed non-alcoholic drinks for kids that can be pricey…there was a drink that has a spinning mechanism in it and a porg drink that you drink from but you get a non-used one as a keep sake…it was very expensive and my wife ordered it without realizing what it was but my kids love it so it worked out…drinks tasted like gatorade but kids enjoyed it…I don’t think once inside you will need more than 20-25 minutes; probably 30 at the most…have fun!

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Its good to hear that everyone’s children enjoyed the experience. Just another question. We are coming from overseas and noticed that Oga’s requires ID - is this only needed if purchasing an alcoholic drink or is it needed to get in? What about children - do they need to present ID of some sort or should magicbands be sufficient? Just wondering if we have to carry passports with us that day.

We were not asked for ID when entering Oga’s even though reservation said it was required. I can’t see why the kids would need ID at Oga’s. Anyone wanting to purchase alcohol should be prepared with ID though.
They never asked for ID or scanned us in for our reservations at Oga’s and the Droid Depot. The CM looked our names up to check us in. The reservations acted like a fast passes. The Droid Depot had a separate line for reservations. At Oga’s we were pulled from line within 5 minutes of checking in.