Questions About Memory Maker

I have a couple questions before I purchase memory maker…

  1. If my family has 3 separate reservations but are linked under the My Disney Experience, will we all be able to access the photos?

  2. How are the photos linked to your account. For example, if I go on a ride that takes a ride photo, and we have three separate ride photos, what do I do?

  3. When you are all done with your trip, are the photos ALL yours? Do you own the rights to them? I just don’t want to have to buy the individual photos after.


I actually was able to find out the answers to my questions and I thought I would post it on here for anyone else who was curious:

As long as your family is linked on My Disney Experience they will be able to view and use memory maker, even when they are not with the person from the reservation that bought it.

The photos are automatically linked and at the end of a ride you do not have to go to the counter to have the photos linked. Apparently they have some kind of technology that scans your magic band and knows when you are riding (kind of creepy).

All the photos at the end are yours, you do not need to purchase the rights to them.

Hola @gmlauder!
As long as a riding member Is linked to your MDE account and scans his MB when the ride photo is taken, you will see that photo in your MM. Please remember to add al, family members to your MDE, if the kiddos scan and they’re not linked… No photo will show up!

When you leave the ride, there are monitors that show your ride photo and number. Underneath you will find a MB scanner, simply scan under the appropiate photo to get it added to your MM. Once again, if someone who is not linked in MDE scans, you won’t see that photo.

To clarify, we are hoping to split with family that is staying offsite and won’t have magic bands. In order for their pictures to be linked to our MM, they will need to be friends with my MDE account and scan their ticket and the end of every ride?