Questions about FastPass+ rules

when making my fastpasses, I understand that they cannot overlap. Does this include the grace period or just the hour from the time on the pass? Example: If I have a 9:00am FP, can I have my next FP be for 10:00am?
Also: if I board the ride that my 9:00am FP is for at 9:45am, may I board my 10:00am FP ride at 10:00 or do I have to wait until 10:45 because of boarding the first one late?

Your fps only need to be an hour apart, so you could get them for say, 9.00, 10.00 and 11.00 if it suited you.

You can use them at any point in the window, so you could use one at 9.55 and then the next at 10.00 if you wanted.

Hope this helps :grinning:


In addition to what @Ladythomas has stated (and using her example), you could scan in at say 9:00 (or even 8:55 since there is usually a 5-miniutes before grace period). Then while waiting to board that ride you can see if you can modify the second to any time between then and 10 (or change if another ride you want is available before 10), and if you do that, try and modify the 11 to earlier.

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Don’t forget that after you use the initial 3 that you’ve booked, you can get additional FPs, adding (and using) one at a time for the rest of the day.