Questions about Fast Pass

This will be my first time using Fast Pass and I have some questions.

When I request 3 Fast Passes for the day - and they suggest a grouping that I like - can I later try to change the times? Can I later drop one of the Fast Passes and try for a different one?

Thanks for any help!


Yes! you can do it right from the next screen that shows your confirmed FP+s. You can either change the time, or the attraction. But you have to do one thing at a time and Save before going to the next change.

Thank you - I will now feel more comfortable when I make my choices. Also, thanks for telling me to save.

It’s sometimes easier to choose a selection that’s not too close to what you want. By his is beachside your three cant overlap and it’s easier to move them into a clear space in your days plans, saves too much juggling around. I probably wouldn’t do this for A&E or TSMM.

Yep that’s what I usually do. Pick the suggested grouping that’s opposite of what I really want. Like pick their suggestions for times at night if what I really want are early times. Helps prevent the times overlapping.

I’m sorry - I don’t understand. What do you mean by choosing a selection that you don’t want? Are you talking about times? Or attractions? Why would you pick attractions that you don’t want?

Just choose the one of Disney’s suggestions that has time slots far from what you want. Then the very next step will be to change "time’ or ‘Experience’. Click on ‘time’ Then choose the best time for you. Then click SAVE. Then do the same for your second choice and third.
It all sounds a little complicated but when you actually start you will see how easy it is. No need to worry.

Thanks - I think I get it now.

As discussed, make the initial start times far from where you actual want them. Then start amending the times. Amend your earliest desired FP+ first, then the second earliest, then the last.

Also keep in mind that the site won’t let you choose any FP windows, if that window (which is exactly one hour) overlaps in the slightest with any of your other window… and in fact won’t even let you see that an overlapping window even exists. Example: If you have a FP window for Space Mountain for 10:30-11:30am, and want your next FP to be SDMT, the next earliest possible window for that ride would be 11:30-12:30pm. Now let’s say for whatever reason you really need an 11-12pm window for SDMT. The site won’t make that option available because of the conflict, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t such a window. Move the FP causing the conflict (the Space Mountain FP in this example) earlier, to see if there is a SDMT for the timeframe that you want.

This is a flaw in the design of MDE, imo. I get why you can’t book a FP window that would cause a conflict with another selection, but it should at least let you see it as a possibility in the drop down list when you’re amending times, the could grey it and make it non-selectable. I wonder how many people, coveting a hard to get A&E FP, have missed out because they log in periodically to see if a window has appeared, and one actually has but they can’t see it because of a time conflict with another FP, so they miss out.