Questions about Deluxe Dining Plan and sharing

Thinking of trying the DDDP for one of the two rooms in our party for our upcoming trip of 8 nights–two separate reservations as one has AP and one doesn’t and it’s just easier to separate them. The DDDP room will have 2 adults and 2 kids, the other room 2 adults. I don’t want to debate whether it’s a value or not, I just have a couple of questions:

  1. If I’m reading the Disney site correctly, with the DDDP, everyone gets 3 credits per day but they are not classified as TS or QS, right? So in theory you could do 3 TS meals each day.

  2. Are the TS meals classified as child and adult for the DDDP as for the regular DDP?

  3. Are appetizers and desserts included for TS meals or is it one or the other? Thinking we can share some meals between the rest of our party if we get apps, entrees and desserts (so use 4 credits for a party of 6 adults). Would this work?

  4. What about QS meals? For example, can my two kids share an adult QS entrée as a single credit or would that pull from the adult pool and then we’d have multiple child credits left at the end (you can only eat so many nuggets and PB&Js)?

We are not going until early 2019 so I will be on the lookout for changes when 2019 packages are released in the next month or so. I really hope they keep with inclusion of milkshakes and wine because those are two of my favorite parts of vacation :slight_smile:

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As of today: it is three meals a day plus two snacks. Table service are a better use of credits. If you purchase it for the room with four you will have 12 TS a day.These credits are all pooled together. You cannot tell if they are child or adult, QS work this same way. An appetizer, entree and dessert is included for every person, every meal. You could use those 12 credits for 2 TS meals a day for each of you. You will have 8 snack credits a day to share.


Of course you would not be able to share a TS meal at a buffet or ‘family style’ restaurant.
Everyone would have to use their own credit.


We did the Deluxe on our last trip. We ate at a lot of great table service restaurants (including Signature restaurants). Just a heads up though…it is a lot of food. For us it was too much and we felt like we just got done eating and it was time to eat again. We did mostly table service (more bang for your buck) but again…so much food and our kids didn’t care for it because we felt like we were always having to get to a reservation. Just wanted to give you one point of view :slight_smile:

This is very true. This time around on the deluxe we’re eating at more signature restaurants. Only eating twice a day; once at lunch and once at night. We’ll either use snack credits for breakfast or bring a little bit of food with us.

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I’m also interested about sharing credits with the Deluxe Dining Plan…like using four credits for six people at a TS restaurant. That is a lot of food. Also, what if friends join us for dinner who don’t have the plan?

You can pay for anyone’s meals with your Deluxe Dining Plan. Only one person’s Magic Band is scanned, and they don’t care how you spend your points. You can certainly share dishes with other people, as long as it’s not an All You Care to Eat type restaurant.

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Thank you.

We’re not generally Dining Plan people (just doesn’t suit how we eat) but the trip after next (October) we’ll be going with my family, so 8 adults and two Disney children (plus one toddler). We’ll be staying in a 2BR and a studio (DVC) and are planning to get the Deluxe Dining Plan for the studio where my sister, her DH and their 3yo and 1yo will be staying. We’ll then be sharing all the credits. The average cost per credit works out at around $30 (since one of the plans is at child price), so we’ll be able to get the best of both worlds - great value character meals and buffets (and not too much food overall) at a great price! We’ll use the meal credits for adults only where we can to maximize value, i.e. paying out of pocket for the kids where this makes more sense. This is the only instance where I would personally consider the Deluxe plan, since it’s way too much food for us otherwise, or not great value if you don’t maximize it. Of course, lots of people feel differently. :slight_smile:

Can you explain the all you care to eat restaurant limitation please? If I have enough credits for everyone at the table on my band, why scan everyone’s band?

I think they were referring to the sharing of food. You can share your plate at a regular sit-down TS restaurant, but you can’t share your plate at an all you care to eat restaurant. At the latter, they want everyone to pay for a plate.

If you have enough credits for everyone on your band, you should be able to pay for everyone’s meals.

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I’m hearing that CMs are scanning everyone’s Magic Bands lately. Have you heard that recently?

A person had an issue at H&V where there were more people eating than were in the room. Last I heard it got worked out. It was in chat. I’ll see if I can find the thread here, too.

Thank you.

Some of the recent discussion was included in this post:

It seems as if CMs are asking if everyone eating is on the same reservation but they have not stopped it as of now. These questions and my interaction with the Disney twitter rep are interesting.