Questions about Bridging Tickets

I just wanted to make sure this still works. If I purchase tickets from UT, can I then upgrade to an AP when on site? Will I keep the discount I received from UT?

Also, where and when is the best place/time to do this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about the bridging, but I would suggest going the evening at least 1 or 2 days before your ticket is finished. That gives you a bit of room if something goes wrong.

Thank you OrlandoGirl.

Can anyone else confirm that I can still bridge? All the post I found on the subject are older.


Yes, you can upgrade tickets to AP before tickets expire. Don’t know if you’ll keep the discount, but I think so.

Thank you for the response redboy42! We haven’t decided if we are going to upgrade, but I’m trying to figure out the budget for the trip, so this info helps.

Another question. Do you think one would need an express pass during a trip one of the three weeks after Thanksgiving? We’d go for at least three days (more if we upgrade to the AP) and I think we’d be eligible for the attraction assistance pass too.

Thanks again for any advice!

If you are doing weekdays you should be fine. The crowds should be low early december. Thats when I’m planning to go this year.

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My info is from Feb 2020. But, I’d done a lot of research beforehand. The answer is that they may or may not let you keep the discount. It depends on whether they can find how much you paid. If they can’t, they’ll give you the retail value of your tickets. If they can, they’ll just give you what you paid. But, say the pass you want doesn’t allow some part of ticket that you’ve already used. Then they’ll make you upgrade to a pass that would allow whatever you used.
From my research, you are more likely to get retail value if you’ve used the ticket for a day. I risked it because I wanted the free parking on one of the passes, and I was lazy and upgraded them all. They only gave me the discounted (Sam’s) price.

Thanks so much for the responses!