Questions about booking FPs for September

I have one more week before booking FPs. I have heard two different strategies when booking them. Some people book their 3 FPs from opening - 8 am, 9 am and 10 am in September. That way they can book additional passes around 10 am. Others say not to bother booking until 9 am because the lines for rides are small in the first hour. I was wondering, with extra magic hours in play for AK, MK and HS and therefore people already in the parks before opening, what are people’s strategies when it comes to booking FP times this September? Is your plan for Epcot different? What about HS - if you are park hopping after EEMH, what time are you booking your FPs for?

Going at same time. I wasnt starting until 9/10 to begin with I so can start getting 4th FPP around 1. That being said, certain ones I plan to grab a FPP for are PP and SpaceM. So those might end up being early afternoon anyhow.

I made my projected TPs and determined when would be “optimal” times for those high demand rides. I think we may RD 7DMT, however that will be after EEMH. I am offsite. I just figured, in practice how many people are really going to hit the park at 7-8a. Yeah, there will be line, but not like at 1pm.

I’d still book them as early as possible. You didn’t mention what time you’d be arriving. If you are going to EEMH then I’d start my FPP at 9am. You’ll already be in queue for a ride when the 8am RD happens. If you are waiting until RD to arrive get your FPP starting then. The lines for the attractions are going to be much higher than normal at park opening due to people already being in the park.

Obviously, it would be great if they are all FPP for rides on your “must do” list. However, get what you can at the earliest times possible. It’s OK if they aren’t perfect 8am / 9am / 10am. If you get a 9am, then wait until 10:45am for a “must do” and another at 12pm that’s fine. Just don’t schedule something where you have a multi-hour wait for your next FPP to occur if possible.

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Thanks for the replies. Yes I forgot to mention we are Disney resort guests so we are hoping to take advantage of early opening times in AK, MK and HS. Not sure if we are going to have the stamina to get to HS by 6 am. Going to try our best but we are a family of 5 with children aged 15, 12 and 9. Darkmite2 your strategy of booking FP as early as possible and without multi-hour wait sounds good. I think we are tending towards 8, 9 and 10 FPs for MK (we have two days here) and AK. Thinking of 9,10 and 11 FPs for Epcot. But still really unsure about HS. Some people are saying they aren’t even booking FPs mainly because they have seen all the shows in Tier 2. We are first timers so this isn’t an issue and we still want to ride at least 1 Toy Story ride. On one of our days we are thinking of turning up to the EEMH for HS and seeing SWGE between 6-9 am. The question is when to start the FPs as it may take quite some time to ride the Mil. Falcon. We currently have a second EEMH day for the last day of our visit just in case we haven’t been able to see SWGE / or ride another Toy Story ride in first 6-9 am slot. We were then thinking of hopping to another park - probably AK. Again, when to book these FPs is hard to know!

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Basically… book the FPP for the TSL ride you want for the earliest time as possible. If you can get into DHS during EEMH at least an hour, preferably more, before the official RD the queue for MFSR may be manageable. It has one of, if not the, highest capacity of all Disney attractions – 1,800 ppl / hour.

I’d think you’d be safe booking a FPP for your Tier 1 at 10am. Most shows start after 11am. You can book your first show next and then the second show later.

Remember – once you use all three of the FPP you can get another Tier 1 so don’t wait until late in the day to use all three if possible.

I am interested in others advice too. I will be going in early October

Yes I didn’t think about the capacity of the MFSR ride. Good point. Booking the first FP at 10 instead of 9 might be good just to give us a little more time if needed. If we don’t need it, the first hour after EEMH finishes might be a good opportunity for us to get on less popular rides in other parts of HS. Less chance of missing that Tier 1 ride in Toy Story Land as well. Thanks for the advice darkmite. Its is all guess depending of course on the popularity of SWGE in the first month of it opening and how many families decide to arrive for EEMH. With over 30,000 resort guests, who knows! Fingers crossed you are right about arriving at least an hour before 9 am to get manageable queue. Thanks again for your insight. Interested in hearing about what others have to say.

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