Questions about annual pass

We have a trip coming up in early December 2019 and another one on the radar for the end of August 2020. I currently have a split stay CB and RP booked for December through Expedia but I can still cancel same. I do not have any park tickets bought yet. I had a couple questions I was hoping could be answered.

-Can someone from Canada get an annual pass?
-If I get one does it make most sense to just get one for myself or also for my DH and DS?
-How far out in advance do they release room rates for AP and does this happen frequently? Are the rates typically a good savings?
-If I buy the pass does the year start from the date of purchase or date of first visit?

thanks :slight_smile:

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You can buy an AP from anywhere. From the UK I have to force my browser to log into the US site. You get a paper/e mailed receipt to take to the park.
I bought 1 AP for me (2 park preferred) to get the best discounts. The only value in buying APs for the rest of your party, I think, is if they are likely to go to restaurants, bars or Clubs alone. I have booked a fully refundable room directly with HRH to secure the room I want. The AP rates come out 2 maybe 3 months in advance. The AP starts from activation at the park.
I hope this helps. There are some really knowledgeable liners on the UOR chat.

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