Questions about advanced booking

We are planning a trip for September and I have never planned a trip this far in advance so I have a few questions. I want to go ahead and book my trip now so I can make all of our dining reservations correct? But I want to take advantage of any room discounts or free dining (crossing my fingers!!) that may come out in April. If I go ahead and book now can I change and get the discounts when they come out? I’m not really sure how this works. Thanks for any help!!

Booking now for the dining is a good idea.

As for discounts, you can call and check availability when they come out. If there is availability, Disney will switch your reservation over to it. Often, you’ll be able to get something.

However, keep in mind that it’s not automatic - meaning that they won’t just apply a discount to your current reservation. Discounted and promotional rooms are considered a different “block” of rooms. Not from the same general inventory. So technically it’s still a changeover from one type of room to another.

OK awesome that’s what I was hoping that I could call when a promotion comes out and get changed over to it. Thank you so much!

Good luck! Like I said, it’s not automatic. So have some back up resorts in case yours isn’t included or doesn’t have availability on the promo.

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Thank you I will.

Certain TAs will watch discounts and apply them for you automatically, if you give them permission to do so. They do not charge for their services. Mine does this.