Questions about a Split Stay

I’m currently booked at Pop for my entire trip but I’m thinking about doing a split stay to have the opportunity to check out a different resort while I’m at Disney.

  1. Do I have to book each stay separately? On the Disney website it won’t let me add multiple rooms with multiple dates to my cart at the same time.
  2. For luggage on check out day at the first resort how do I get it to the second resort? Do I leave them at baggage services and they will move it for me? Do they give special tags?
  3. When booking tickets do I add all my days to my first reservation (first resort would be 4 nights at Pop with a 7 day park hopper, and then second reservation would be 3 nights at POR no tickets added)?

Thanks so much in advance for any info and advice :grinning:

You can do a split stay a couple of ways. 1. You can do two RO reservations (if you are not doing dining- dining makes it a package) and then you can cancel up to five days before and you pay off the rooms when you check in ( I tend to call and pay off so I get my reward points first). Then you buy discounted tickets and link them. 2. You get a package for your first stay with tickets that cover your whole stay and RO on the second.

Changing resorts is real easy. You call down to bell services ( I discovered they track issues better that way) and they give you a ticket for your bags. When you are in your new room you call down and they bring your luggage to you (after 3:00 and you tip both bell services)

It is best to call to modify your first stay and add the second.

Thank you so much for the info!
I’m still working out the finances to see if I can swing it, but I think I will “modify” my current reservation and add on a RO one. All my ADR’s are already made so I’m not worried about those, but for my FP reservations…when I hit 60 days on my first check in day, will I still have access to all 7 park days?

You will be able to book your FPs for your whole length of stay. Do you have a discount for your Pop stay? The CM on the phone can modify and keep your discount sometimes easier than you can by changing your days. Maybe that modify button is working better these days?

I currently have the “Spring Room Offer” discount applied to my Pop Reservation. I’ve just tried to modify it now and it says to change dates I have to call.
Looks like phoning will be my best bet and see if they can add a second resort on while i’m on the phone or once i hang up set up a reservation myself on MDE

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