Questions about a not-quite-split stay

I just booked with the new rates for my trip but they didn’t have my last two nights available with the discount. So, I booked 6+2 (8 nights/9 days) so technically two trips in the same resort in the same room category. Never done a “split” stay before.


  1. Will they let me stay in the same room? Can’t figure out a reason they wouldn’t except random policy.
  2. If my reservations are continuous, will I be able to book 8 days of FPP from check in day with 8 day tix? How about with an AP?
  3. Was planning to get DDP but do I have to call to add to room only reservation b/c two of the people in my room have an AP so didn’t get package?
  4. If I have to call b/c of question 3, will they be able to combine my reservations even if they are with the different rates (higher for the last 2 nights) so all of my DDP credits are available at the beginning of my stay? I was planning on sharing the credits with my whole party and having to do it in two stays may mess it up (although it will net me more mugs :).
  1. Maybe. They won’t guarantee it but when you check in, do it in person and ask. Then ask again the night before. You may still have to check out and in again, but hopefully won’t have to move.

  2. Yes. FPs will be fine. You will have 2 ADR windows though.

  3. I don’t understand the question, specifically if you have a package or not. If you have a package, everyone will have to be on the package. If not, then you can phone and ask for a ticketless package, which will then let you add the dining plan. But I don’t know if you can always do that with discounts. Everyone would have to have the dining plan. And each reservation will be separate, so you can book the DDP for stay 1, stay 2, or both.

  4. No. If you have 2 reservations and they can’t combine them, then the DDP will be separate for each reservation.

We don’t have a package. We have a room-only reservation b/c 2 of the 4 people in the room have APs. We will get the two kids discount tix elsewhere. I want the DDP for all people in this room. I just didn’t know if there was a way to add this online or if I had to call. Online, there was an option to “add dining” even after I selected no tickets, but it didn’t work and I didn’t know if this was a glitch or supposed to be this way.

Also, how far before arrival do you have to add dining plan? Only makes a difference for purposes of deposits and cancellation policy I suppose.

We had this same kind of stay a few years ago at AKL. We were allowed to stay in the same room but I had to go to the front desk and check out and then back in. Still not sure why.
We had to have two separate dining plans because it was technically two different reservations. So the first dining plan had to be used by MN on the first check out day. Oddly enough we got two refill mugs for each of us.
And yes you can make FPPs for the entire trip.

Thanks!! Good to know. Hope I can make two separate dining plans work based on our already made dining choices.

Even with an AP? I thought so for tix, but wasn’t sure about AP because they say you can only hold 7 days of FPP if you have an AP unless you are staying on property (which I am)? By this measure, my 8th day on property FPP window wouldn’t open up 60 days before my first check-in but would open up 60 days before my day 7 (or my second check in day)? Not sure that makes sense :crazy_face: or if it will be an issue. If it doesn’t work, I will figure it out and book FPP at the second 60-day mark for a non-HS/AK day where it’s not so important.

If you have an AP you should be able to book FPs for all of your onsite stay. If you find you can’t, then phone. CMs have been good apparently at booking FPs for you for the extra days if you are shut out. Just be aware though that if they do that for you, you may not be able to modify them.

If you have an offsite visit within 30 days either side, that can impact the onsite stay. In those cases, the CMs may help. Or may not.

If a CM says “no”, then call back!

You will have to call.

I think you have to add it at least 72 hours before you arrive. Not 100% certain, as DVC have different rules.

So we have APs and I have had the worse luck making more than 7 days, but I seem to be the exception. Everyone else says that you can make them for entire length of your stay if you are on property.