Questions about A&E without FP+

Have been reading here a bit and have posted on Lines chat several times with questions. Question for y’all here. I haven’t been to WDW in 11 years. We are taking DD4 Jan29-31, 2 days MK and 1 day Epcot (just for lunch at Akershus with Princesses). Unable to get FPP for A&E on either of our MK days. Staying at AoA so have access to EMH on morning of our first MK day. Our TP so far has A&E in the late afternoon on either day with a wait time of 148 min. Should we “waste” early touring time by RD’ing A&E to minimize our wait or stick to the TP and hope for the best? Another option is RD on our second day, but no EMH. We may have had more time to do all the other stuff we want to do on MK day 1 and then wait it out on Day 2. I’m confused! Right now, crowd levels for our days are predicted 2 and 3 respectively. A&E is probably the ONE thing DD must do! As all other 4yo girls, she is Frozen obsessed! Thanks for any help and recommendations.

Absolutely do this at RD. If you are at the front of the pack and walk with purpose your wait time should be much less than 148 mins. Also on the EMH day there won’t be any FP during the extra time so the standby line will move significantly faster. But also keep checking even up until the morning of. Cancellations happen all the time and even more frequently the closer you get as people finalize their plans.

Thanks so much! I’ve been checking for FP almost everyday, even checking for singles, though my daughter can’t get a FP by herself, so the smallest our party can be is 2, right?

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Yes. Because she isn’t yet 7 she can’t go into any attraction alone so an adult would also need a FP to accompany her. But don’t fret too much we were there last week with crowd level 3 and 4 days and we saw the wait time get as low as 30 minutes on some days so there is hope for you.

I find it strange that the Optimizer is not putting A&E at Rope Drop during mEMH. Are you sure that you let it know that you would be taking advantage of mEMH and that your TP start time is mEMH RD? If it is set up right, what does the Optimizer have you doing at RD instead of A&E?

It has us starting with Winnie the Pooh and other stuff in that same area as well as incorporating our FP for PP. I don’t remember the others, but I did put in the use of EMH, so I thought it was odd that it didn’t put A&E at RD. Thanks for the responses!

In general I go with the theory that the Optimizer knows best, but this seems a little odd. Maybe send a note to explaining the situation and including the plan URL - they are pretty good about looking into these things. Or perhaps @len will see this and jump in with an answer. :slight_smile:

Ah, this is something for the stats team to check, b/c the wait during mEMH is still crazy. I’ll ping them, @mmarks621, and we should get an adjustment out shortly. I’ll let you know when it’s done. Thanks for the note!

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