Questioning all my life's decisions

Hi all! I would like to ask your opinion on my dining plans for an upcoming VERY SHORT trip. Background: I’ve been sitting up here in Ohio, very sad that my Universal pass is going to expire in November and wishing that I could visit one last time. Then I realized, I’m an adult and can make my own decisions :rofl: and further, I am not tethered to the academic calander for the first time in a very long time. So I bought myself a cheap plane ticket from Frontier, a halloween horror nights ticket, and booked a hotel room with my AP discount, and the whole time it was in the back of my head that I’d be there during MNSS. Of course I caved to my internal FOMO pressure and booked my last night at All Star Music and got a ticket to MNSS.

I will be arriving on Oct. 2 very early in the morning and attending HHN that evening, spending the day at UO on the 3rd, then on the 4th I’ll uber over to All Star to check in. Here’s where I’m a bit dicey. I’m limited because I made this choice after the 60 day window to make dining reservations. I can get into MK at 4pm on my MNSS ticket and I intend to get in as early as I can to maximize this insane impulse purchase. I’d like to have lunch somewhere near MK- I really want to eat at steak house 71 since I won’t have my kids- but the best I could do was Whispering Canyon at 1:40. I love their skillets, but I eat there every trip with my family; I kind of want to do something different. I’m going to keep trying, or perhaps just try my luck at the lounge. On October 5th I am flying home at 2:00, and would like to have breakfast at Boma. I have an 8:25 reservation with plans to call an uber to MCO by 10:00. I have a huge fear of not making it through security in time, so tend to be strict about leaving for the airport much earlier than most people would- honestly I’m telling myself that 10:00 isnt early enough even though it probably is.

My questions:

  1. If I check in at All Star and they don’t have my room ready until after I have to leave for my lunch reservation, and then I have to go straight from lunch to MNSS, will I be able to leave my bags at bell services and retrieve them when I get back after midnight from the party?
  2. How difficult is it to travel between resorts these days? The last time we went, there were no busses or boats going directly between resorts. Is it still this way? Would I have to take the bus from All Star to one of the parks and then transfer to another bus to get to my dining reservations?
  3. Am I crazy to pay for a Disney room that I will only be sleeping in for 6-7 hours? I’m thinking about cancelling Boma and just getting whatever they have at the food court (I’ve never stayed there but I bet they have Mickey Waffles, which is really all that I need…) I will be back in January for the marathon and can eat at Boma then. I just thought if it’s doable, it might be nice before a long day of travel. But so would sleeping in until check out time :rofl:

I know some of this is subjective, just trying to get a feel for what other people would do so I can make a decision


Yes you can leave your bags with bell services, they are open 24 hours.

Unless you’re on the Skyliner or monorail route - or boats if they are back, I’m not sure - then there’s no resort to resort transportation. So yes, via a park or Uber/Lyft.

Yes you’re crazy. But I’ve see crazier things done by liners.



there are only transportation between resorts if they are on a transportation line, like the monorail resorts or skyliner resorts. Also, if you get on a boat at one of the EC area resorts you can get to those resorts.

but the only way to really resort hop using buses is to go to a park and get on that resort bus

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Thank you, this is so helpful!

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Minnie Vans are back and are super easy.

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And super expensive.

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I wanted to say that too :laughing:

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yeah, I thought about the minnie vans because they would solve all my problems with time. But, my statement about not being tethered to an academic calendar translates to: I took a position that doesn’t pay as much but has a flexible schedule. So I have to watch my budget. My reason for getting a disney hotel instead of just getting a ride share back to my universal hotel was that I could use Disney transportation.


I assume you have a reservation finder for Steakhouse 71 set?

Did you book Whispering Canyon as a back up? There’s also Geyser Point at WL.

I vote do Boma for breakfast. Since it’s just you there’s no one to hold you up. Get there early and you’ll probably be seated.

yes and yes. :blush: I completely forgot about Geyser Point; that might be a good option. I was also considering Capt. Cooks at the Poly because I love those meatballs as well as just hanging out at that resort, and it’s so close to where I want to end up. I think Kona Cafe is on mobile order?

I’ll probably end up cancelling WC and keeping Boma. It can’t be too bad to take the bus to AK and transfer.