Question - what to do? First LL @ MK

I’ve got my first park day coming up. Group: me, DH, DS7, DS4, my mom and my dad.

Me, DH, and DS7 plan to ride space mountain for our first LL using BG1 and hoping for 9am-ish.

Additional context: DS4 has declared he will be riding Tomorrowland Speedway every day we are there. We will be “rope dropping” Buzz and then TS, and then half will head to Space. What should the other half do? Any insight would be great :slight_smile: thanks for helping me plan a great first morning for my first-timer kids!

What should I do for my first LL for DS4 and my parents?

  • Nothing - they don’t need an LL
  • Book Space for everyone and let DS7 ride twice
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Dumbo
  • Tomorrowland Speedway

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It feels like I’m not getting the best “use” of LL if I use it on one of these rides but maybe I’m thinking too much about it. Shocking, right? :slight_smile:

If you are truly rope dropping, you probably don’t even need an LL for Space Mountain. I would get it for whatever ride you plan to do after SM/TS. If DS4 needs to fill a little more time to make up for SM time, could he ride TS twice?


Well, it’s questionable if we will be truly rope dropping. I’d like to be at the rope about 10 mins before it drops, and that’s why I’ve picked lower tier rides.

DS4 would 100% ride TS twice. It’s the only ride he has said he wants to do. That and Slinky Dog lol.

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I think I’ve talked myself into the best plan for us - naturally :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reading my post. I guess I just needed to type it out.

Thanks for your insight @drvillarejos

If we get there early enough, DS7 can ride Space standby and LL. Otherwise, just LL. I’ll book an LL for Winnie the Pooh, since my mom and DS4 will both like that. DS4 can ride TS for all of EE until the WtP LL :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

After that, LL for Buzz and then over to Monsters Inc. standby.


This is so under-rated but one of my absolute favorites :heart_eyes: Yep sometimes you just need a sound board :sweat_smile:

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My DS used to love to ride people mover while the others rode space mountain. Now, he loves to do space and people mover!


My last trip was in 2010. I don’t remember much from it but I do remember Monsters Inc. We are a family that LOVES silly jokes, so I think my kids will love it! It is a great attraction.

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Ohhhh that’s a great idea! I forgot about People Mover!


We arrived at MK as they opened on Friday 1/20/23 and went straight to Space Mountain with a 15 minute wait time, rode twice. No need to pay for LL

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