Question re Star Wars Weekend & Princess Leia

To my surprise, my daughter (6) has decided that she really wants to meet Princess Leia (which, as a Star Wars fan, fills my heart with joy), and as I understand it, Star Wars weekend is pretty much the only time that can happen. Was contemplating doing a quick trip over Memorial Day weekend anyway, so it would be a good time to check that box.

That said, I see that the Studios will be a 9 the day we’d be targeting, and that would probably be the only reason we’d be going there – short trip and it might just be her and I, and there’s not enough there that she can ride to justify taking the time away from the other parks.

I guess the question is, how popular is Leia? How much time should I plan to devote to being there to meet her if we do this?

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Lines for characters will be long. Leia meets with Luke. Last time, they were in the Darths Mall, but check when SWW begins to be sure.

I would say to give yourself an hour to wait in line on Memorial Day weekend, maybe a little longer.

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Didn’t they do special fpp’s last year or was that just the shows? Was it line up before opening to get one? I can’t remember. I’m old…get off my lawn lol


That was for the Shows, old man. The M&Gs were still standby.



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Another question on this, because we are officially going to be there in a few weeks, and definitely want to see Leia while we’re there. I’ve heard that her schedule isn’t necessarily regular, or at least that she and Luke might alternate with another character, such that if I miss her, it might be several hours before she’s back out. Is that right? If so, do they post the schedule for her at all, or is it just one of those, “Line up and whoever comes out, that’s the character you’ll be meeting” sort of thing?