Question RE: Redeeming tickets with different expirations at gate

After our last fall trip (where my kids got sick), we were offered two complimentary individual park hopper tickets to use until 2027 for each member of our group. We are going again last week of August for 6 days and we purchased 4-day PH +1 water park convention tickets through MVT with our resort stay.

I will want to use the MVT tickets that expire at the end of our trip before we use the complimentary passes since we plan on taking breaks during our trip and I would love to use them at a later date if we end up not going to the parks on those resort day(s). How can I make sure when we enter the park for EMM, DAH, and regular park days that WDW is scanning the right set of tickets for each of us off our magic bands and we’re not left with the 4-day tix that expire the day we leave?

To prioritise your tickets, you will need to visit Guest Services before entering the park.

To avoid having to do that, you could do is create a fictitious version of you in your family and friends list and reassign the complimentary ticket to them until you’re ready to use it.


This! Worked great for us. We had several leftover tickets from years ago (unexpiring), and a CM suggested I create fictitous family (“One”, “Two” etc) to assign the tickets to. A year later, I reassigned to DH and myself only the ones we planned to use for that trip. All from the comfort of home!

EDIT: ficticious family MEMBERS - on your existing MDE.

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Ok thank you! I will set that up the different accounts. I knew I could count on liners for the 411!

Just to be clear, you don’t actually create different accounts. Just add profiles as people managed by you, like Son-1, Daughter-1 etc.

You then assign each of those tickets to them. When you want to use them, reassign them back to your proper profiles. That way they’re linked to you, and your magic bands will access them as normal.

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Ahhh! Thank you for explaining- hadn’t had time to read on the forums how to do that! Really appreciate your help!