Question re: booking FPP for Family and Friends on MDE

So excited! I made my tentative reservations for spring break 2019. Two rooms–1 under my MDE account and 1 under DH’s. I have 3 of the kids on my reservation, and he has the other kid on his. Right now they are room only reservations and I can see both reservations on my MDE account as we are “friends” on the account. But I can’t see my son in DH’s room on there. When I add ticket media, will I be able to see my son’s icon and make his FPP reservations? I’ve never made two rooms via different accounts before. There is no option to invite DS as he doesn’t have an actual account, he’s just listed as a room occupant as he’s a child.

You have to add your son by sending a request to your husband’s account. He then has to accept. I did some screen shots not too long ago. Let me see if I can find them.


Thanks for sharing this. I need to link to my parents, only my dad has an account. And decide if I trust my DS not to accidentally mess up my FPs and let him have his own account! Though I’m not convinced my dad won’t mess them up either.

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Ha! Don’t give them the password to their own account! That’s what I do :rofl:

Not much point him having one then! I wwas thinking that if we split up for a while (he’ll be nearly 15) he’ll want to book FPs. I have a long time to decide though.

Yes true. I set up my family with accounts for a different reason. They don’t venture out so don’t need to do their own FP booking…yet.

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At 15, I’m sure he’ll be savvy enough not to mess up the FPs! Does he have a phone or tablet, and is he used to using apps?

If so, then just warn him that he messes with existing FPs on pain of no charging or pocket money (however you deal with spending on holiday).

He is so good with IT that his teacher told me he just lets him get on with programming because what he’s doing is beyond his (the teacher’s) ability. At the same time, he is so careless and impulsive that messing up my FPs isn’t at all beyond the realms of possibility.

We may not end up splitting up at all anyway.

Very helpful. I got it, I think.

Now my family and friends list includes
a “we’re planning together” section that includes me and the three kids on my reservation and my DH
as well as a “my other family and friends” section that includes the son on my DH’s reservation and an old profile of that same son from when he was on my account. For some reason, I cannot get rid of that profile as it says he has active plans. Oh well.