Question re 8:20 pre-park opening reservation at BOG

Hi all! I was just able to snag an 8:20 reservation at BOG for our MK day. From what I’ve read it seems like we’ll be let into the park at 7:45 and will be seated at BOG as soon as we make our way back there. Has that been others’ experience? If we’re able to get seated by say 8:05 and pre-order, I’m hoping we could be outside the restaurant for say 8:45-8:50. If that all works out the way I hope, we’d hopefully be able to make our way to PP before the rope drop crowd. Has anyone done this? Is it doable do you think? I still have some time before booking our FPs, but I’m just trying to get some idea of what FPs we’ll need. Thanks!

Is this on an extra magic hour? I haven’t done this personally. But everything I have read supports your plan. I have read many posts elsewhere saying that’s how it worked for others. got on 7DMT at 845, walked with purpose to PP and had a short wait there. If there is a paid event extra magic hour, you may be held to ride 7DMT until 9 and your advantage lost for PP. And if there is the free onsite-guest hour, I would cancel the reservation entirely.

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Yes that sounds doable.

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Yes, this works. We did it a week ago, rode 7DMT about 8:45 and then on to PP before the crowds came. By the time we were off PP, the RD crowds were backed up at the entrance. It was not a morning EMH day, or a day with the paid early event. It was raining pretty good, so we opted to only do 7DMT once, it’s kind of painful in the rain! Our BOG was at 8, but everyone is let in with a pre opening time.


Great! Thanks for the info!

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Not an extra magic hour day and no paid event extra magic hour either as far as I can tell!

I went not expecting to enjoy the food too much, but we all thought it was really good!


Do you remember what you had? I am torn between a couple of choices.

I had the open faced bacon and egg sandwich. My friend had the croque madame and thought it was really good too. Other 2 friends had the Feast a la Gaston. We got 1 basket of pastries between the 4 of us, and didn’t finish it all. It was plenty of food.


Just noticed that our BOG res IS on a morning with the paid early morning event! So this would kill any advantage to Mine Train?

I believe you’d be allowed to join the line at 9am so a very slight advantage from waiting with the RD folk.

I helped a friend get a res for this morning when there is a paid event. Her breakfast was delayed, so they gave her a 7DMT FP. Thought that was a good result. Others have reported being held to ride until 9am so you get a jump on the RD crowds, but not as much as on a non-paid event day when you could often ride multiple times starting about 845.

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So even with the crowds starting on Main Street it was worth it? I was wondering if it would still make much of a difference.

Did you think it was worth the money? maybe not the food itself, but considering breakfast and a jump on the crowds?

Yes. The breakfast was good and fast, and getting on 7DMT and PP without a FP was certainly worth $25. You can even order a kid’s meal for yourself, or split a meal and only pay half that. Everyone was let onto Main street at 7:45, but the crowds were very low (it turned out to be a 3 day probably since in was chilly and rainy in the morning). Easy to get pictures with photopass photographers before heading to breakfast.

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