Question on Upgrading to Annual Pass

If I were to book a regular package with park-hopper tickets now, would it be relatively easy to upgrade these to APs on a later date – such as after we arrive at WDW?

On a related subject, if I did the above, would WDW allow me to apply an AP discount on the room I was staying in – assuming such an AP discount was being offered? Or would I need to have purchased the APs in advance? Would the APs need to be activated (used at the park) before I could use it for an AP discount on a room?

You should be able to upgrade them but I doubt very highly that they would retroactively give you a discount.

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In other words, they will be more than happy to take more money from me but not give me any money back.:wink:

Sad but true. You will be able to use merchandise and food discounts as well as your “free” photopass from day 1 though.

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Make sure when you upgrade to your annual pass to check the date the annual pass starts. Both times we upgraded from tickets to an annual pass they listed the date we purchased the ticket as opposed to the date we first used the ticket. We would have missed out on over a month of our annual pass if we hadn’t checked.

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Ooh. That’s a good thing to know. Thanks.