Question on AP

If I am going to upgrade to AP when I go on my Sept trip, I know they will bridge the tickets that I bought (just from Disney) but what about Memory Maker? Do I need to actually cancel it or will they bridge it with the AP?
I used a TA and already paid off my trip so it would be a lot easier if I could do it at the park :slight_smile:

On chat there have been several reports that CMs took the amount of an already purchased MM into account during the upgrade process when they mentioned to to the CM.

I do recall there was at least one person who was told by a CM that they could NOT credit them the price, but I think that was the exception to the rule. If they come up with an upgrade price you don’t expect, the general advice from Liners has been to say “thanks, no” and then try again at another GS location.

If you know you are going to upgrade to the AP, don’t buy the memory maker in advance. All your pictures taken before AP purchase will show up.

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