Question for the Experts Re: Tower of Terror Refurbishment & FP Availability?

This question is for the WDW experts out there. TOT seems to be limiting FP availability during the refurbishment, and TP already shows zero availability at the 60-day mark. (We are staying offsite, so I will be booking my FPs 30 days out.) Once the refurbishment is complete, is it likely/unlikely that Disney will drop more FPs back into the system?

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They could load more but after August 29th they will Be Tier 1 . Early August I got it at 7pm day 1.

With the opening of SWGE the FPP tier system has been completely revamped / restricted. All rides except Star Tours will be Tier 1 - meaning you can’t get another Tier 1 in the same park until you’ve used all three of your FPPs. This is to keep people in standby queues and off the streets / SWGE.

From multiple podcasts / new sources say they aren’t going to add more FPP. Instead they’ll have both towers going to increase capacity while still keeping people off the streets.

Maybe once the fervor of SWGE subsides, ??!!??, they’ll expand the Tiers again. (fingers-crossed)

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I’ll be there the week prior (8/22-26). Hoping all the refurb will be done by then and maybe they’ll add more back into the system??


I think you’ll have better odds of getting a same day FPP than them adding in more. Use those first 3 FPP ASAP and then search at the drop times. They are expecting low crowds that week.

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OK, thanks - fingers crossed!

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