Question for TA's

Our trip is approaching quickly and our TA has been so wonderful. This is our first time using a TA and I appreciate how easy she has made all of the planning, she has done all of the heavy lifting with changing plans, waiting on the phone for discounts, booking a cabana etc.

I plan to send her an email thanking her for her amazing service, but is there something more I can do? I will continue to recommend her to others, but do people generally send a thank you gift to their TA’s? I was thinking maybe a gift card, or a little something from the parks? I don’t know what’s appropriate or normally done, any feed back would be appreciated.

No gift needed. A sincere thanks, remembering them next time you travel and asking for their assistance again, and sending everyone you know and love their way too.

If you can post a review online on their social media that’s always nice too


Thank you, I wasn’t sure what was customary, I will be sure to do these things.


Yup, the thought of a gift is nice, but I’d be way more appreciative of a heartfelt thank you email, continued referrals or reviews on my Google business listing. :slight_smile:


This! as a small business owner I will agree that a good review online is worth so much more than any gift.