Question Adjusted crowd predictions for Saturday

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Since you’re still working on “fixing” the crowd predictions for a Saturday when there are two parties and an EMH, will you be posting any manually updated predictions? Can that be done? Just curious on the process. Thanks!

@Fred may have updates in time. We’ll post here if so.

Thanks @Len!

Doing a “manual” change is something that we are hesitant to do. We try to rely as much as possible on what the trends tell us rather than guessing based on our personal experience. So, it’s a wait and see right now.

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Thanks @fred!

Not sure how this happened, but this was a WDW question and now I see its in universal. Sorry for the confusion. Can someone move this for me? @len @daybreaker? @LaurelStewart

You should be able to change the category yourself since you created the thread @DarthDopey. It’s easier to see how to edit the topic in a computer rather than a phone. Just ask if you don’t see how to do it.

Thanks @SallyEppcot! I’m on my phone. I’ll have to try later from the laptop

Kenny the pirate is out on a mission to show how much can be done today, despite his high crowd expectations. I think he got lucky with the drizzling rain.