Question about which ADR to go for first

What should I try to get first-O’hana dinner on first day of trip (for 4 people) or BOG on 6th day of our trip (for 8 people)? I know those few seconds are precious!

Definitely the BOG. 'Ohana is for less people, and unless you are really not flexible with your time there, it should be fairly easy to get that far out. BOG is harder the more people you add to your reservation. Last summer, I was not able to get a dinner reservation for 10 people on my 180+6. I ended up getting a lunch instead, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It is probably slightly easier to get it now - but if I was prioritizing, I’d definitely do BOG first.

Thanks @kjmollypup! I am a little picky about timing for 'Ohana. But would be more upset if I didn’t get BOG dinner. I will go for BOG first. Maybe I can get my hubby to wake up early with me and go for 'Ohana on his account!

I am going to disagree. I think the 'Ohana at a specific time may be challenging 180 days out since that is the time that it opens for everyone. My last trip I made ADRs for 4 at day 180 (booked my room after). I was able to get BOG every single night, preRD breakfast, lunch. I booked 'Ohana when they opened the 3:30 slots months later.

I will bow to @PrincipalTinker’s expertise here and say that I just tried to book 'Ohana 180 days out at 7:30 AM eastern time, just to try it out, and only had times available around 4 or 8 PM. Did the same thing with BOG, and had no availability for that evening at all for 8. BUT you weren’t looking for BOG at that 180 mark, you would be looking for it slightly later. So who knows?

Having someone else go for one at the same time is ideal, though - you’ve figured it out yourself!

And by the way, if you don’t get the exact time you wanted, set up a reservation finder alert. I decided to move my 'Ohana later at night for my trip last year, in case of travel issues (good thing I did that!), and was able to change it for 10 people on my own, only about 75 days out, after a few weeks of checking. The reservation finder will make it even easier.

Two other things: I have not been able to get the 180 plus to work on my RO reservations online. It always shows me the dates, times, and then gives my “the paws” - be prepared to call for those ADRs (you are going at a much busier time)!

Also, I completely agree with @kjmollypup about using the reservation finder! I added days to my trip and wanted to change my BOG date. I did not get the first few alerts but about a month before my trip I had the exact time I wanted!

Thanks! I also realized that the night we were planning on doing BOG, there is a Christmas party. I am now considering switching to a different night altogether. From what I have read here, it might be nearly impossible to get on a night when they don’t do ADRs past 6pm. Coming up with a plan feels like an infinitely complicated logic problem, with new constraints added every day!

There was a thread the other day on chat where a few people realized their ADRs required a party ticket- so good thinking! I know the feeling about trying to figure it out. I am going Labor Day weekend- I have no idea what time the new Star Wars fireworks will be or anything about AK. I am hoping for a Tiffins dining package but I do not even know if there will be such a thing!

For what its worth I was able to get a BOG dinner at 430P in Mid Oct 180+5 days out and it is a party night. May be less busy than your time though it is listed at a CL3 day.

Thanks for the info! We shall see how it goes on Thursday :slight_smile: