Question about wheelchairs in lines at DL

We are heading to DL the end of July. My mom is bringing along a wheelchair because she cant stand or walk for long periods of time. My question is can we enter stand by line with her in a wheelchair or do we have to park it outside? She would only be doing a few rides like Pirates, haunted mansion, and small world. With lines probably really long at the end of july I just worry about her trying to stand

I believe that she can enter the lines in her wheelchair, and then transfers into the ride vehicle once you get to the loading area.

okay awesome! do you normally enter and exit in the same area so we could pick it back up?

As far as I recall, the load/unload areas of most rides are the same or at least very close to each other. I’m sure that the CMs can sort things out for you.

Great thank you so much!

Most queues in DCA are wheelchair accessible, most in DL are not and usually have an alternative entrance which is usually the exit. There are kiosks in the park to schedule a return time for the alternative entries. You should review the info at this page and especially review the links to the .pdf guides to each park at the bottom.

We just returned from a week long visit with a 16 year old recovering from ankle surgery. She alternated between wheelchair and knee scooter. Although the route varies depending on ride, in absolutely every case you can get a wheelchair right next to the ride vehicle and then transfer right on. CMs will stow the chair for you, or move it to where you exit so it’s waiting for you right when you step off. On omnimover rides with moving conveyor belt, like Buzz Light year, they will ask if you want them to slow the whole entire ride so you have longer to get on the ride. It’s really fabulous!! If the ride queue can’t accommodate the chair, in some cases you are given a return time that’s ten minutes less than the standby line. You go off and do something else, then return and hop on. Always ask a cast member at each ride line entrance what the wheelchair policy is for that particular ride. They are almost all different, and asking right away will save you time since sometimes they just send you to the exit. Also, look for the wheelchair symbol with an arrow pointing to the entrance or exit, as that’s where you will be directed. Have fun!!