Question about WDW tickets?

Hi liners! I am purchasing WDW park tickets on undercovertourist for my husband and I and I know I will be able to book our FP right away since I’m selecting the e-ticket, but for my brothers and my sister I’m purchasing theirs on the actual WDW website and there is no option for e-tickets, will I still be able to make their FP reservations right away or will I have to wait until their tickets arrive in the mail? TYIA.

Hi! When you get the confirmation email from www there will be a code that you use to add the tickets on mde. You then need to allocate a ticket to each person in your party and you’re good to go.

If you have any problems give wdw a call. I bought uk tickets recently and couldn’t add them. The cm was great; turned out I was using the wrong number!

Okay thank you so much! Just waiting for the confirmation :slight_smile: