Question about WDW crowd levels in second half of September 2023

Hi all,

I am going to be on vacation in Disney World between September 14th and September 30th and I have a question about the Crowd Calendar. During that period the Magic Kingdom goes down as low as 2 or 3 but the other parks are around 5 or 6. I’m wondering why that is. I was hoping that everywhere would be quite quiet.
I realise that there is the Food and Wine Festival on at Epcot during that period but apart from that what else could be the reason for this difference in crowd levels?
Thanks :smile:

You can see that on most of the predicted CL2 days, MK closes at 6pm because of the Halloween Party.

If you look at last year’s data, you will even see some CL1’s on those party days. It looks like last year’s levels averaged 4/5 across all parks, basically the same as this year’s predictions. But of course last year was most likely elevated due to revenge travel. It does make one wonder if the upcoming Sept. CL’s will be low like in 2018/2019. Time will tell.