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This may seem a bit extra, but we are still very covid-conscious and plan on wearing masks inside, especially while waiting in lines. However, we are taking our 12 month old who obviously cannot wear a mask. We went to Disney fairly recently, so I’m okay missing out on some rides with indoor lines, but do we have any other options? I suppose we could try to do Rider Swap so I could ride? Any chances our family could wait in the line and then we would be allowed to join them as they are getting on?

of course, if you are too conscious, there’s the other obvious alternative…of not going. The science tells us that your 12-month old is more likely to suffer from a car accident than from covid but avoidance is the ultimate precaution if it really worries you.

Many do entire itineraries around visiting the hotels and waterparks without setting foot inside the parks so maybe that’s another option.

Doing rider swap is one way to avoid lines but I don’t recall if it is available for attractions without height restrictions.

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We are very covid conscious as well and one way that makes us feel more comfortable is to minimize indoor wait times by using G+ and $ILL.


So are we. On our recent trip we all masked inside.

Rider Swap would be a good option where available. I don’t think you will be able to join the rest of your family when they are about to get on a ride (lots of people with little kids would love this option for non-Covid reasons), but you can always ask the CM and maybe you willl get a sympathetic ear that makes it happen.

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Attraction list available here:


Rider swap is not just for children who are too short, it can be used for any guest who is the non-rider and cannot stay alone. Examples of this are young children who are afraid to ride yet tall enough, people with dementia, and people who need to be accompanied at all times. I know Disney lists the rides that offer RS, but I don’t know if you can do it at other places. For instance, HM is too scary for some, RS would be useful here if they offered it. It never hurts to ask.

But not all the CM’s understand this. We tried to use RS for 7DMT because DS4 was afraid to ride. Our plan was that DW would ride with DD7, and then I would ride with DD7. The CM told us that we could not use RS because DS4 was tall enough to ride. She said it didn’t matter whether he was afraid to ride … if he was tall enough, then no RS. I asked a second CM who told me the same thing. So, I thought the rule might have changed since I was last in WDW in 2019.

When I got back to my resort, I pulled up the rule on the website and sure enough, I was right and the CMs were wrong on the rule. We should have been given RS. I spoke to a CM at our resort who called Guest Services and DD7 and I were issued a LL for 7DMT for our next day at MK.


Ah yes, I forgot to mention that a good tip is to have a screenshot of their RS rule so you have it to show to a CM. I’m glad you were able to get a way to ride!


For rides where RS is not typically an option, I would explain your concerns to the CM at the ride entrance and see what they can do. They may or may not accommodate you, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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This doesn’t invalidate my comment that rider switch is not available for rides without height restrictions. Haunted Mansion does not offer rider switch, in fact, only rides with restrictions do.

Maybe your particular reason has nothing to do with height but that doesn’t mean you can use RS everywhere.


Excellent idea, don’t know why I didn’t think of it! My head is swimming with all things Disney and I guess this was just too obvious. Thanks!

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Keep in mind it is now possible for children as young as 6 months to be vaccinated. You may have to go to your health department if you can’t find someplace else that will do it locally for children that young. But since the COVID risk to children that young is minimal, getting the vaccine will help further protect them from rare potential long-COVID symptoms should they manage to catch it.


For HM specifically youb could skip the stretching room. There are some walk arounds. That is the first non RS that comes to mind. I think otherwise LL becomes your friend.


Yes, this is what we did. You just ask a CM to skip the stretching room and they escort you backstage to the loading area.


Oh that’s good to know, thank you! Would I just tell the CM or is it something I can just “skip” on my own?

We skipped the stretching room last trip. We told the CM outside the entry door to HM that we wanted to skip the stretching room. She instructed us where to go. We walked into the mansion, then through a door, down a hall, through another door, and then waited in a short line (about 5 mins) inside for the ride.


This! We’re driving a bit out of our way to get one, these are not as easy to find as for older kids, that’s for sure!

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Truth is, in the end, there isn’t much evidence that it makes any real difference. It was approved for kids because there they don’t see harm in giving it, rather than seeing any real benefit.

And in the U.S., since the start of the pandemic, there has been less than 500 kids 5 and under who have died with COVID. (That number is also high, since some kids are listed as dying with COVID, not necessarily from.) And in nearly 100% of those cases, there were comorbidities involved.

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