Question about UT tickets

Going to buy tickets from UT (will save a few $$ on tickets for 5). They seem to have the best deal and I’ve seen many happy customers here. I have an AP but the rest of my family needs tickets for March. Does it matter whether I choose hard tickets or e-tickets? They seem to be the same price. I have time for shipping as FPP day is about 2.5 weeks away. I see that the hard tickets are refundable but the etickets are not. Is this true even after you link them on MDE if you haven’t actually used them to get into a park? I hope to not need a refund but you never know I guess. Anything else I should know before I pull the trigger?

When I purchased hard tickets I could return them as long as they remained sealed in the package. Once I opened and linked them (what eticket would do?) They could not be returned.

Gotcha. I figured once they were linked it didn’t matter. Any benefit to buying hard tickets or is that just your preference?

I bought hard tickets for my son’s ex-girlfriend. I wanted to wait until the last minute to link the tickets. I really like her and I am helping her plan a trip for next August but I knew the relationship would not last.