Question About TPs

I know the importance of following a good TP. But do they always have you going all over the parks for it to work? I am guessing yes since that’s probably how you avoid long wait times. We will be traveling with two kiddos, ages 9 and 6 1/2 when we visit. I have TP set at relaxed for walking.


Not necessarily. I usually set mine to minimize walking and relaxed and work with those TPs. I’ll still move stuff around and evaluate until it fits my or my family’s style.

Ok. So if the TP has me going from Fantasy to Frontier to Tomorrow, and back to Fantasy (for ex), I can still try to tweak it to try and stay in one spot for a longer period of time? I will try that. I have 57 days left to figure it out before we go. =)


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try moving a few rides that are in the same area together manually then use evaluate and keep doing that instead of optimise it might suit you better

Thanks! I’ll play around with that, too. I forgot that you can drag steps around. =)

I always end up dragging steps around. But remember, once you manually move something, always use the “Evaluate” function vice the “Optimize” - unless it gets so garbled that you need to start over…

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I use the personalized plans as well, and only use evaluate. We do not tend to backtrack very much. Use evaluate and move things around until you get an order that looks good to you. I have a few rules that work great for us:

  1. AM EMH if available, otherwise RD (be there well before park opens).
  2. If EMH at MK, only FL and TL are open
  3. We spend first 45 minutes of EMH in TL (Space, Buzz, Speedway), then head to the “left side” of the park, it’s like getting a second rope drop.
  4. Plan as many headliners as possible between 8-11:30 am, then break for food.
  5. We cluster all major attractions in a land before moving to next land, but do skip all the minor attractions (which we do in the middle part of the day when lines are long).
    I am not interested in constantly running back and forth between the lands, you will lose a lot of time especially since this is spring break/pre-Easter crowds and people are ALWAYS in the walkways thwarting your efforts to walk quickly :smile:.
    We all love to help with these plans, you can post a link to your plan and we will give you feedback if you like. Is this your first trip?

Tip: If you have a TP you like, but want to tool it some more anyway to see if you can do better, copy it to another plan & play with the copy. (You may have to re-enter FPP & start/stop info, IIRC.)

Then the original remains untouched in case you want to get back to it.


Great point. I do this and end up with several TP’s for a day, Then I figure out which one is the best plan for the day.

I learned this the hard way!

Hi, @Wahoohokie. It IS our first trip! Well…First family trip. I went when I was 9/10years old, and all that was there was MK. So, yes! It is a first.

How do I like it to share it with you guys?

Open your plan. There will be a box at the top and a button that says edit. Click on edit, at the bottom of screen check the box that says publish this plan. A link will then appear at the top, you can share it here by copying and pasting the link, like this:
Others can now view it, but cannot make changes to it.
MK has changed quite a bit since you last went! Hope you all have magical time.

Thanks! Got it!!

Here is the one TP created based on having FP+. It has been optimized and evaluated.

And for added info, set on very relaxed, minimized walking, and my DDs are both 6.5 and 9, and used to “Go, Go, Go” all day. (They are maniacs!) Can alter breaks and miss some if needed. (I realize there is a LOT on our plan, and I am OK if we don’t get to all of it, other than making sure we don’t miss our A&E FP+ since that one I just happened to get. =) )

What I don’t like about this one is that PP so late in day. Shouldn’t the software put it closer to RD?

And, I think the time reset itself to 9:00am. May need to fix that. Not sure though…

OK. That was the issue. I clicked the box that said “Use EMH” thinking the software would see that; but I didn’t. So I had to go back in and manually change the time to begin at 8:00am.

There is still some leeway with changing FP+ times for Splash and 7DMT also, if anyone has suggestions for those. Not so much with A&E (tho I do check all the time, lol!)

Thanks, again!