Question about TP walking speed and times

I have my walking speed set to Very Relaxed. I feel like the custom TP I am doing is too full and I question if we will be able to accomplish it all. When I do evaluate it has us arriving at everything ok. Will the fact that it’s set to Very Relaxed give us a little cushion?

Yes, it will. I almost always end up doing a few extra things that aren’t in my plan and it turns out ok. The extra things are like restroom stops, snacks, and extra ride if we come across something with a low wait, or meeting a character that we just came across and HAD to meet, that kind of thing. If I have a really full TP if will maybe identify before hand one or two attractions that I can cut if we fall behind and need to catch up

I add an extra 15 min break every 2 hrs and allow 60 mins for cs snd 90 for ts meals. I also highlight my must do rides /shows that cannot be missed and pick a few that might have to be dropped if needed. I get input from kids in advance to prevent meltdowns in park.
We very Rarely get ahead of plan even with the extra breaks as shops, juice breaks and bathroom breaks need to be accounted for, as do ds13 leaving his sun hat on a ride snd having to return to retrieve it dh needing coffee NOW and dd then 7 being violently ill after riding dino x3. You cannot plan down to the minute and many families fall out over following plans. Best to be prepared to be flexible
Be prepared for kids to not want to stick to the the plan and be prepared to do something completely different ( like riding dino x3) which may involve binning the plan and winging it!!

I think it depends on your group. With 4 kids, 2 parents, and 2 grandparents we couldn’t keep up with the pace of our very relaxed setting at all times. Though we got ahead of the plan early in the day and that kept us from getting behind later on. I would have in mind what you would drop if you get behind, just in case. I think it’s good to plan optimistically, just with contingency plans as well.

Ok thanks! It will be four adults. I did consider a few rides we could either skip til evening or try and ride the day we are hopping back in the evening. Our day at MK is our party day so I was trying to keep the evening hours open so we can enjoy the activities and characters.

Anyone know how long it takes to get from Animal Kingdom entry to the Kilimanjaro Safari going at an average pace?