Question about app-- does is store fastpass+

I am wanting to know if the Touringplans app will store my dining reservations and my Fastpass+ reservations so that I can pull them up on the go at the parks. Thanks.

You can pull up your touring plan on the app.

TP doesn’t store your official stuff. That’s all on your MDE app.

ETA: you can add the confirmation numbers for your dining reservations in your personalized touring plan.

If you enter your FP+ and ADR info into a touring plan, we’ll store it there. The touring plan will also route you around the parks so that you arrive at your FP+ and ADR reservations on time.

Okay. Thanks so much! We are not going to use a touring plan. We attend when crowds are very low (2 or 3/10) and rarely wait in line, so we end up not using a plan at all. I do use the line wait times on the Touringplans app. I ended up typing in our FP+ times and ADR times in to each day’s notes and it shows up on the app. That will work perfectly for us. Thanks!

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