Question about touring plans

I am 23 days out. I have been playing around with the touring plans since I joined last December. Now I finally have dining and fast pass finalized. I am finding that trying to do a touring plan with my times and meals confusing. The touring does not add my fast passes in even though I can see them saved. I am confused. I want to have the least amount of waiting in line. I am going with my dad and step mom and they are older so I am also trying to minimize walking all over. I just don’t get how to make the best plans for my family. Naturally I want this to be the best trip ever. My hubby didn’t love the first trip to Disney in 2015 so I want this one to be better. Is there someone on here who is a touring plan guru that would be willing to help?

Firstly, you need to force the TP to use your fastpasses. There’s an option to do this - under advanced options where you add the fastpasses.

I also tend to EVALUATE not Optimise so that I can keep things in my own order. By all means use Optimise at least initially to see what it suggests, and you can then see on the mini map what it looks like. Then by using evaluate you can see how long it predicts your wait times to be.

You may want to take a copy of the optimised plan, or a reasonably acceptable plan, before you start moving things around.

And you can publish them here and ask for feedback. Lots of liners to help!


Thank you

Hi! We are 23 days out too!

With the crowd conditions expected that week, the plans sometimes optimized without using some (or all) of our FPP.

That being said, I did do some rearranging, forced the plans to use the FPP and lots of evaluate afterwards. I probably tried several different versions of each plan before settling on one.

But for sure do what @Nickysyme suggested… Print out a copy of the old plan before changing things up.

Good luck!

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You can also just make a copy of your plan on TP. There’s an option to do that, then if you really mess it up you can delete and start again from the reasonable one!

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