Question about tickets

This may be a stupid question so please don’t be too mean. Is there anyone out there that has tickets that are not linked and have decided not to go or are trying to sell them? We rented DVC points forever ago and hadn’t bought tickets before they stopped selling them.

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Hey! No worries I was wondering about this too :slight_smile: Where are you staying? We rented DVC points forever ago too. Are you calling tomorrow am to try to add tickets?

We are staying at Animal Kingdom in September. I didn’t know about calling tomorrow, if that is a thing then I’ll absolutely be doing that. Where did you hear that from?

Per the WDW website “If you have a room-only reservation at a Disney Resort or other select hotel for a stay in 2021, please call the Disney Reservation Center or call your travel professional beginning on June 24 to upgrade to a vacation package with tickets—and then make your theme park reservations”

My res is for October 2020 but I would hope they would allow us to book our tix before someone planning in 2021! Seems like it might only be 2-4 days before everyone tries but that could make a difference!!

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Wow that’s incredible news! I’m so glad that I made this post and also very thankful to you for replying to me!


Like I said, I’m not sure if it will work but :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
Also reading about what a clusterf**k trying to get tickets online yesterday was, calling doesn’t sound like the worst option anymore! :thinking:

I caution against getting too excited regarding 2020 tickets, the last paragraph appears to address 2020 tickets and does not indicate that they will open on June 24.

“Later this summer, we will resume sales of 2020 tickets and Disney Resort hotel arrivals, based on availability of park reservations, while we continue to provide Guests with existing tickets and Annual Passholders the opportunity to make park reservations for 2020 dates.”

Yeah its okay. I’m still not sure if I really wanted to be apart of this fiasco anyway but had made the decision to go if they made tickets available. If not it will be a Universal trip which in our many experiences has been much more enjoyable anyway. Especially with no fast passes and all the other stuff going on. I mean getting in the park is really only just piece of the puzzle because it doesn’t mean that you can do what you used to be able to do.

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Why would they let people buy 2021 tickets before 2020? If you already have the room booked why shouldn’t they let you add tickets tomorrow? Not trying to argue really just trying to see the logic. I agree AP get first crack at tix but then somewhere in the middle people that already have rooms reserved should have some ticket option before everyone else can get them after June 28th.

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I think Disney needs to see the total number of tickets already sold that will be used between open and December 31, 2020 to see how it aligns with their reduced capacity. That is occurring this week. Only then can they sell any new tickets for 2020, and then tickets will only be sold for the dates that there is park availability (which will decrease this week after everyone with a ticket/AP is accommodated). There is a chance that your week, or any week, will have reduced/no availability at 1 or more parks, and Disney needs a way to reduce the total number of tickets for that time period. Selling 2021 tickets will not affect 2020 park capacity at all, so the June 28 date of buying new tickets won’t affect your stay, or any stay through the end of the year. You will know about capacity for each day before you purchase the tickets, so maybe have a black up plan or two for other dates that may work. It sucks, but Disney has decided those without park tickets yet (but with resort stays booked) are who are most likely to need to cancel or move your trip in 2020.

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Excellent points. I don’t have to like it (I rented DVC points so have no idea what rescheduleing/refunding would entail yet) but I do understand it! Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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I think Disney will go out of their way to accommodate those with existing reservations that are locked in…so pretty much DVC stays booked with points (either your own or rented). There are so many rules about when the points can be used and such, it would be another nightmare for them to mess with that. Hopefully you will get an earlier window than the non-DVC resorts which are much easier to change dates on (not that the guest may want to). I wonder if you will need to have the owner buy your tickets though? Did you rent privately or through one of the companies?

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Yeah, I have no idea. I went through Davids

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I think @Wahoohokie explained it well. I also think they would kind of like more people to actually cancel or reschedule for next year. I do think they will need to do something about DVC stays that have much less forgiving cancellation terms. Perhaps they will open up ticket sales for them first?


This makes sense. Thanks for explaining it. I could also see that they need the inflow of cash now to refund the 2020 resort guests who won’t be able to get park reservations.

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Firstly, I so hope you’re right.

Potentially if they named the booking process over to Member Services I guess it could pose a problem. Is that what you were thinking?

I think though the ticketing CMs will manage it. As long as the reservation is linked to MDE correctly, they will be able to see it’s booked through DVC.