Question about The Plaza

Hello All~

I’m reworking my dining plan for a day MK closes early. Originally I intended to buy tickets for the dessert party, but have since reconsidered. ( My in park time has been drastically reduced with the changes in operating hours. Not sure I want to allocate 2 hours to pre-fireworks desserts and sitting around?)

I’m now considering a Plaza reservation for dinner IF outdoor dinning is possible with a great view. I think I vaguely recall a post somewhere mentioning the possibility but can’t quite remember? I did a quick google search and it looks like 3-4 tables are in front of the restaurant?

Is it likely we could get one of those tables?
How is the view of the show? Projections?
Would anyone have alternative recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know the tables are not used for the sit-down restaurant. They are meant for the quick service. There are a few tables that have a good view from inside but if I remember correctly they don’t pipe in the music there.


We ate at The Plaza three times during ds’ last trip in July of 2018. He has a very limited list of things he will eat and The Plaza was the one of the few restaurant options in all on MK that served anything on it, …so we ate there a lot!

I thought The Plaza had excellent food at the time. Their burger was delicious and all of us loved the bottomless shakes. That said, the menu is completely different now. The burger isn’t the same anymore, the shakes don’t show as bottomless on the menu, and the grilled cheese ds used to get is no longer available.

As for seating, there is almost nowhere in the restaurant to see the castle projections or even the fireworks. This makes zero sense since it is RIGHT there, but the view is awful. There was also no patio seating for the restaurant. At least in 2018 the tables just outside were for the ice cream parlor and Casey’s.

Thank you for the clarification.