Question about Resort Check In of luggage

Does anyone know if you can check in your luggage with the airline at the resort when going home if you are not taking DME to the airport? We are considering checking our bags at the resort and then ubering from the park to the airport to prolong our park time on our last day. Thanks!

Yes, luggage check is not related to DME. Anyone can do it.

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Thank you!!

So the resort doesn’t wait for you to travel to the airport to bring you’re luggage there? I would love to uber to airport and spend an extra hour in the park!

No! The resort isn’t even the people who do it. The resort is just providing the space as a convenience to guests. The people are airline people. They put it on a truck and send it off.

Just as when you take DME from airport, your luggage isn’t with you. Luggage and people don’t travel together.

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Thanks! I’'ve always driven to Disney since we’ve had 2-4 kids with us. Next trip just DH and I and we are flying!

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I’ll add, don’t forget to tip the baggage checkin staff at the resort. I think of them as being the same as the curbside checkin staff at the airport. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve never used DME before (I’ve only flew there once & we were off site that trip). This just made my last day even better! Depending upon how early they want to take us it might be better to Uber there on our own.

For those who are interested, here are all the details on the Resort Airline Check-In Service:

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