Question about reservations for Mickey's Backyard Barbecue

I am trying to get reservations for a party of ten but I was told our date is already filled. What are the best ways to keep trying to get the reservation? Should I try for smaller reservations and hope I can get us all in?

Since they seat you at loooong trestle tables, community style (meaning with other families) I would guess that they probably just don’t have the capacity. That said, it doesn’t hurt to try… you can always cancel if you book for, say, 4 and 2 but can’t get the other 4 in.

When I called yesterday I was told that it was all filled up. I am wondering if I should keep calling to check for cancellations and just keep taking what is available until I have enough. Is there any other way? I have signed up for the reservations alerts. We really wanted to do this for my grandson’s birthday.

Keep calling… if you can get 2 in here and 4 in there then it can add up. If you don’t get enough then you can cancel, or maybe you can either split up and some of the group goes elsewhere while you take the birthday boy to the BBQ.