Question about reordering the steps in Lines

Hi all! I’m getting my plans ready for June, and I notice that sometimes the steps seem to be in an order I wouldn’t do. For example, the app plans for HS told me to go to RNR Coaster, then Minnie Railroad, then TofT. That seemed so out of order! So I reordered them to do Railroad first and then the two big attractions next. Is there a reason sometimes the rides seem so weirdly ordered? Am I messing up this fine tuned project by redoing what the Lines App suggests? Thank you! Kristin

It depends on a few things. What you set for your walking speed and for the waiting vs walking sliders. Then whether you Optimize or Evaluate.

Optimize will check distance and projected wait times and what you chose for the 2 sliders and depending on those will try to minimize wait time or distance walked or find a balance. If you chose to minimize wait time you may zigzag across the park. It’s all data based results. It can change the order any time you Optimize depending on if data has changed.

If you Evaluate you set the order of the items on your list and the program won’t rearrange them. In this case it just reports the expected wait times and the distances you will walk.

I think that’s about it from what I understand. Maybe a more experienced liner could verify or correct my information.

Normally, the best order for those 3 attractions at park opening/rope drop are:
Tower of Terror
Rock Coaster
Runaway Railway


The algorithm determines the shortest overall wait time.

For example, If ride A always has a 45 minute wait through the day, but B&C rise soon after opening, the TP optimiser will put B&C first to save time.