Question about rebooking vacation package and ADRs

This may be a stupid question but I have my vacation package booked for the fall. I’m hoping to score free dinging and I understand that one may need to cancel their vacation package and rebook it to get the free dining offer. If you do this does it effect your ADR’s? I have CRT lunch booked and I didn’t have to pay in advance because I have the Deluxe dining plan on my package. If I cancel that package would that cancel my CRT reservation?

It will not impact your dining reservations.

As @PrincipalTinker said ADR’s are not linked to your package.
To make it easier to add the dining promotion people in the past made sure dining plan was already on your package. If free dining drops (rumors are 23rd or 24th usually early morning est) you can go into your reservation and modify your reservation to add the promotion. If a TA owns your reservation you will not be able to modify yourself. Only your TA can modify your package.
Also, you can modify your room or tickets to meet requirements to get the promo for the resort you already have reservation for.

Good luck!

ok great Thank You!