Question about PPO reservation

Right now I have an 8:40am reservation for BOG. Will this be early enough to give us an advantage at SDMT? Will they let us in earlier? I’m actually more interested in the food at lunch time, but we’ve decided not to do EMM, so I’m wondering if I should keep this reservation or not?

You’ll be able to get in at 7.45ish with all the other pre RD reservations and should be able to eat and be out by 8.45.

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I have an 8am ADR for BOG on 1/4 and FPP for 7DMT at 9:10. EMH have been added to MK since I made the ADR. What time I should I get there?

I’d leave your resort at 7.

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It’s risky, even if you’ve mobile ordered there is no guarantee your food will arrive before 8:40, but you can eat very fast and beat the crowd to SDMT. Our ADR was 8:25, even though we were seated by 8, our food didn’t arrive until 8:25.

For me, breakfast at BOG wasn’t good, the food was cold, so was the tea because the water hadn’t heated up (and this was a later one, 9:30).

But I loved the restaurant. We probably looked around for about 30 minutes. The theming inside is beautiful, from the ballroom balcony (no, you can’t go up sadly), to the windows with “snow falling” outside. If it was a first visit, I wouldn’t want to rush,

And we went back for a lunch and loved the food. So for me, it would depend on why you want to go: the PPO (which could be wiped out by slow service or EMH being added) or to see the restaurant,

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