Question about posting

Why does the same post appear multiple times? Annoying.Continuing the discussion from Transition from Chat Lines Format:

Are you talking about replies to individual posts showing both as a reply and again later in the thread? If so I started a topic in the Meta category to inform them of the same thing. I can’t say I’ve seen the same thread appear more than once though.

no it is the same post repeated in one thread

Are you on a mobile device @jec4289? I have a feeling you’re seeing the same post twice because your phone isn’t nesting comments so you’re seeing it once under the comment that was replied to and again at the bottom of the thread. I’ve already created a bug thread to see if we can get that changed. If you’re on a PC i’m not sure, you might want to create a screen shot and add it to the bug thread.

No I am on a laptop at the office on the office wireless

That’s odd @jec4289. I’ll tag @daybreaker and maybe he can help you troubleshoot.