Question about Pop

If one wants to make reservations for Pop and you wants rooms closest to the food area, is there a specific room type? Or is it just a matter of making a room request preference?

Scroll just past the video and you’ll see the different categories! Century’s Room Types

Preferred and Preferred Pool View will be closest to the food court. You can make it as a room request as well, if you’re willing to leave it to chance rather than pay the extra for the preferred rooms–some of the standard rooms are really almost as close as the farthest-away preferred rooms.


Pop is actually not a huge resort. I’ve stayed there twice & had good luck with my TP room requests. Both times I stayed in 70’s standard view and it worked out well.

(Meaning we were close to busses, food court, etc.)

All right. Thanks! It was confusing on Disney’s site that they had standard rooms and preferred rooms, bit it wasn’t clear what was different.

I think with preferred rooms you’re “guaranteed” a closer spot to the lobby & food court. Standard is not guaranteed. But we have not had any issues during either of our stays.

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Preferred are in buildings closer to food court/lobby/big pool, but there are standard rooms in those buildings, too. I don’t like being that close to the pool (noise) so we requested a building next to those preferred-containing buildings, and it was just right! Other buildings are closer to the buses and the parking lots, too. Have you looked at TP room finder? I have found those very helpful! Sometimes they don’t have connected rooms correctly marked but everything else is spot on!

we did a preferred room and it was in the 50’s close to everything however it was also on the first floor (which was nice) but right near the smoking area (which wasn’t nice). I was surprised smoking was not near the parking lot or someplace away from rooms. If you do request a room maybe also request away from any smoking area.

I disagree. We were in the back one visit, it was a LONG walk. Second time did preferred room, MUCH better.

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Yes! We were in room 5113. Standard view rate, corner room, view of the lake, 2 or 3 minute walk tops to lobby/food court. I went there each morning to toast bagels, no problem. I personally prefer the standard view with lake views than the preferred rooms with lackluster or pool views.


We were also right next to the bridge to Art of Animation.


Goofy, can you describe where the smoking area was? I wanted to request 50s for the theming but not if it means being near a smoking area!

This map has the smoking areas marked. I was pretty annoyed that they had one so close to Classic Hall. We had to walk past it every time we went to our room in 70’s. It was almost always busy.

Thanks but yuck, what a terrible location! Now completely rethinking my room request. Had planned 50s, adjoining rooms bottom floor and no other requests. Now, ugh… 60s lake view? Going for quiet, standard, ground floor because we have a stroller, theming that will appeal to my parents (born in the 1940s), not too far of a walk from anything. Definitely don’t want to be around smokers. Maybe 50s lake view?

I think if you want adjoining rooms, you’re going to be pretty limited on what they can do for you. If that’s the most important thing, then I would say so in your fax.

On a different note, I’m not sure how quiet a ground floor room will be. We were on the top floor last fall with a double stroller & it was no biggie. Maybe 2 minutes for the elevator once or twice a day. Never an issue. But our room was SUPER quiet. Like only ever saw or heard staff, never any other guests.

Hmm. Adjoining rooms would be nice, but not totally necessary. In the same area would be really helpful, though.
My parents always pick a top floor room for the quiet. However, I love saving the time of not having to deal with an elevator, especially because someone always forgets something and has to run back!
Ah well. Last year we got the complete opposite of our room request at POFQ so I don’t want to put too much stock into the “perfect” room at Pop.

We had good luck with both our requests at Pop. First stay was just the building # and we got it. Our second stay was more specific requests & they met most of them. I think I listed:

  1. Adjoining rooms
  2. Quiet
  3. Close to transportation
  4. Close to lobby
    Our room checked all of those boxes.
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We’re at Pop now, top floor of building 1 in 50’s, the wing nearest the Classic Hall. I wouldn’t want to be on the first floor, with all the people walking by all day. It’s handy to be near the parking lot since we drove this time. Our room faces the bushes etc near the Bowling Pool. Buildings are close to each other, so if it’s raining you aren’t getting wet for long.

In May I had building 3 (lake view) in the 50’s and never had an issue with the smokers. We walked past that location at least 2 dozen times on our way to and from the elevators and never smelt anything. Maybe we were just lucky. TBH, I didn’t even know it was a smoking area until I saw the map and was shocked.